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Monthly Archives: July 2023

Benefits of Cheese.

When you think of cheese, you want to eat cheese right away. Many people probably have similar symptoms, right? But it’s not strange. Because has a strong, fragrant, oily taste, everyone becomes a cheese lover with all their hearts. And today we may love more than ever. Because has

Flax seed lower cholesterol Against cancer.

  Flax seed a small grain, a product of the flax plant. good value valuable both prevent heart disease. Help reduce bad cholesterol and excellent weight control. 1. Help reduce cholesterol levels.           Studies have shown that flax seed can help lower bad cholesterol levels. The study shows that Adding flax

What are chia seeds and where do they come from?

According to archaeological evidence, Chia seeds have been around for over 3500 B.C. since the Aztec Empire and the Mayan Empire in the Americas Meaning strength. Because the Aztecs and Mayans used to consume it as a staple food like common grains. Such as corn and beans. Where

The benefits of boiled eggs.

The benefits of boiled eggs It doesn’t just help you lose weight or build muscle. But it’s good enough to reduce the risk of heart disease! 1. Rich in nutrients that the body needs           Hard-boiled eggs are rich in many nutrients that our body needs, including