What are chia seeds and where do they come from?

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According to archaeological evidence, Chia seeds have been around for over 3500 B.C. since the Aztec Empire and the Mayan Empire in the Americas Meaning strength. Because the Aztecs and Mayans used to consume it as a staple food like common grains. Such as corn and beans. Where they would ground with flour. Squeezed into oil to use for drinking or to cook with the belief. That have medicinal properties that help maintain a healthy body. 

Later in the Spanish colonial era South America was colonized by Spain. Making a forbidden food By the Spanish leaders of that era announced that. The cultivation was no longer allowed and the gradually went extinct. Until the era of modern America Scientists have rediscovered chia seed plants. Therefore, research on the benefits of this plant was born. UFABET And began to expand the species until it became the species that we consume today.

How are Chia Seeds and Basil Seeds Different?

Many people think that chia seeds are basil seeds. In fact, they are different types of grains. Although both are similar when soaked in water, they are similar. But there is a difference that we can notice it. That is before soaking in water. Chia seeds are oval in shape grayish brown slightly patterned. As for the basil, it looks oval and has a dark black color. But if soaked in water, it will be found that the chia seeds will swell up like a clear grain. But basil seeds will swell up like grains with milky white mucus.