Verratti confident of revenge against Bayern.

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Italian midfielder Marco Verratti is confident Paris Saint-Germain are playing with confidence. And revenge against Bayern Munich on Wednesday.

Paris Saint-Germain’s Italy midfielder Marco Verratti has expressed confidence that. PSG will show an improved performance against Bayern Munich on stage. Champions League round of 16, second leg this Wednesday after defeating Karang in the first game with a score of 0-1. Revealed to ‘RMC’ on Tuesday. 

‘We’re going to show big performances against big teams. All teammates are confident. We are ready,’ said the 30-year-old midfielder.

Verratti also added that the French club has found a new confidence. After winning 3 games in a row since the 0-1 defeat at home to Bayern Munich in mid-February. These high-stakes European stage matches will be settled in the smallest detail UFABET

‘For other teams, playing against PSG is not easy. This game could be like the final a few years ago (2020)’.

All eyes are on PSG’s France forward Kylian Mbappe, who is in fine form ahead of the Bavarian side. Verratti said: ‘ We are lucky to have him here. He has a lot of personality. We need players like him, we are confident and we know nothing to lose. There is a lot of pressure because there is something big on the line. But we like having that pressure.’