Joe Cole believes Chelsea will be attached to the back wing.

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BT Sport analyst Joe Cole believes Chelsea 2-0 win over Borussia Dortmund in the second leg of the Champions League. Round of 16 and 2-1 qualification for the quarter-finals yesterday was a springboard. Continuing this good work.

The Blues were under quite a bit of pressure ahead of the game at Stamford Bridge having won just three of their last 16 games in all competitions. Plus the goal is still 0-1 behind from the first leg. 

But got better teamwork. Combining the coolness of Raheem Sterling and the penalty. Kai Havertz scores a goal and sends the team drifting to win success UFABET.

With the momentum taking off. The ex-England international thinks that in the next few weeks everyone will be scared of Chelsea. 

“Outstanding performances back and forth for Chelsea.” said the former Blues midfielder.

“This is a big development for this team.”

“It was a really big game for the Gram Potter head coach and I saw the team turn from a critical situation. with a smooth 2-0 win over dangerous opponents.”

“This team has won the Champions League before. They used to be at the top. But this time it’s not where we used to be.” 

“They know the club is fighting in every way. Although not at the top of the table, but still struggling 

“We saw a glimmer of hope from the weekend (a 1-0 win over Leeds), and Havertz was outstanding last night. 

“It’s a big hour of the season for Chelsea and their opponents in the next few weeks will be terrified to face them.”

Chelsea have two more games to play before the international break, Leicester ( away ) and Everton ( home ) .