Chelsea 2 – Dortmund 0

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Chelsea secured a place in the Champions League quarter-finals with a 2-0 win over Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday.

Football Uefa Champions League

Round of 16 teams, second leg

Chelsea (England) 2 – Dortmund (Germany) 0

Stadium: Stamford Bridge, London 

Chelsea, who had lost 0-1 before in the first match. sent Raheem Sterling, Joao Felix and Kai Havertz to play together. While Dortmund was led by Jude Bellingham and Marco Reus 

The game started only 5 minutes. Dortmund had to change quickly when Julian Brandt an important attacker was injured. Unable to play had to send Giovanni Reyna on the field instead UFABET

The next minute, Chelsea had a chance to win a goal from the moment Raheem Sterling passed the ball for Joao Felix to shoot with a six-yard left frame. But the safety of Alexander Meyer, Dortmund goalkeeper. 

Dortmund found some chances in the 17th minute from Marco Reus’ long shot from the front of the penalty area. The ball goes into the box but does not pass Kepa Arrizabalaga’s hands. 

In the 40th minute, it was Chelsea who had another chance. Kalidou Koulibaly passed the ball to Joao Felix to shoot right in the penalty area. But stuck to save the yellow outpost.

The goal that Chelsea had been waiting for until 3 minutes later. Ben Chilwell collected the ball on the left. Before dragging it to the end and opening it into the penalty area for Raheem Sterling to shoot the first shot. But still dealing with the ball away from the visiting team before hitting the right side full of the net. Chelsea took the lead 1-0 before the end of the first half at this score.

Early in the second half.

Chelsea received a penalty when the referee checked VAR before deciding that Ben Chilwell crossed the ball into Marius Wolf’s hand before Kai Havertz fired into the post. But had a new shot because there were players of the visiting team running into the penalty area Havertz shot again, choosing the same corner on his right hand. This time, he didn’t miss the ball, pushing the post into the lead, causing Chelsea to lead 2-0 in the 53rd minute. 

Dortmund almost broke the egg in the 58th minute, Sebastien Haller had the opportunity to shoot in the penalty area, caught Ben Chilwell, the ball entered Jude Bellingham’s way, repeated 8 Yards, but the ball fell off the post, unbelievable.

The visiting team almost got it again in the 65th minute, Giovanni Reyna flowed the ball for Marius Wolf to hit with full force from the right side of the penalty area. Have to super save the ball and leave it to help Chelsea. 

Chelsea sent the ball into the net in the 76th minute, when Mateo Kovacic stabbed the ball for Raheem Sterling to drop solo before flowing for Connor Gallagher to shoot in. But the rhythm of S Sterling is already offside. Then Dortmund could not break the egg. Resulting in the end of the game as Chelsea won 2-0 and turned through with a 2-1 aggregate goal.