How to take care your skin Keep your skin beautiful during Work From Home

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How to take care your skin Keep your skin beautiful during Work From Home.

From the COVID-19 epidemic situation. We can help reduce the chance of the spread of infection by staying home, working from home, and going out as needed.

Because the skin is a very important first line of defense. It is like a wall that prevents germs, dust, and various foreign objects from entering the body. And the skin is also an expression of the physical condition. Good health and strength Your skin will be beautiful and radiant. Therefore, we should give importance to taking care of our health both internally and externally.

Taking care of yourself from within

​1. Eat nutritious food

Eating colorful fruits and vegetables To get ufabet high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, including kale, morning glory, broccoli, gourd, apple, orange, papaya, and blueberry, etc., which phytochemicals (Phytonutrient) can slow down the deterioration of the body and skin. As for lycopene, Found in tomatoes Has properties to help protect the skin from sun damage. It also helps reduce pigmentation from freckles and blemishes on the face.

2. Stay away from smoking.

Smoking reduces blood flow to the skin. and affects the destruction of collagen in the skin As a result, people who smoke have dull skin. and have more wrinkles than people who do not smoke In addition, smoking is a repetitive procedure that causes wrinkles around the mouth and lips.

3. Deal with stress

Stress results in the hormone cortisol. (Stress hormones) are secreted and have a negative effect on the skin, such as making acne break out more easily. Including triggering some types of skin rashes. Long-term accumulated stress It makes the skin unhealthy and has more wrinkles.

We can manage stress by ourselves, such as exercising. Getting enough rest Do your favorite hobbies and practice meditation to relieve stress. which has a beneficial effect on the skin There is a research study that person with happy face Makes facial muscles relax Wrinkles will be less than those who like to show tense facial expressions often.

Taking care of yourself from the outside

​1. Take care of your skin’s hygiene.

such as maintaining cleanliness and applying skin care cream regularly It nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It reduces many skin problems, such as preventing dry skin. Irritated skin and dermatitis, etc. And don’t forget to nourish the skin in various parts, such as applying cream around the eyes. Applying hand cream and Applying lip balm to the lips To prevent wrinkles on the lips as well.

2. Protect from sunlight.

Sunlight is the main factor. that results in dark skin and older people (Photoaging), even though working at home (Work From Home) causes less direct sunlight exposure. Because it’s mostly in the building. But don’t forget that UVA rays can pass through glass. Therefore, we should protect ourselves from the sun by applying sunscreen regularly every day. By choosing to use sunscreen with an SPF value of more than 30 and PA +++, which also has the ability to protect against Visible Light.